Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ugly Truth

My apartment is still dirty, even after I have been cleaning since Friday. It's making me itch.

My Dirty Kitchen

I can't eat my baguette and strawberry jelly while looking at anything in here. EVERYTHING is DIRTY!! It makes my hair itch.

Am I supposed to put the dishes on this shelf (Yuck!)

The carpets are stained all over and even in the bathroom. There's brown "stuff" behind the kitchen faucets and the tile is missing in the kitchen area making it even more yuckie...Even the silver TV and remote are dirty...I'm disgusted and itching all over...

Stained Wall-to-Wall Carpet?! in Paris... (Yucky!)

Stained Bathroom Rug...(Ick)!
Is that brown rust or what? (Icky, Yuck, Yuck!!)

Yucky-Yuck! Don't look here while eating...

Don't touch the T.V. or the Remote either...(Ick!)
The walls are painted a dirty yellow, or are they just dirty this wallpaper? It makes me itch! I need my Best Friend McD (the order will not be "To Go.")...or maybe I need B. I'm sure he would tell me that a family of 4 in Afghanistan would love to live in this apartment in Paris.
Yellow walls or Wallpaper?
Well, that's the ugly truth about my Motel 6 Apartment Room...My mom says she is confident that I can fix this place up. Adrian (My wonderful boss here in Paris...more about her later says don't spend alot of money on my first apartment, becuase it's only temporary.
I think I'll manage somewhere between Mom's advice and Adrian's advice. I'll fix this place up while spending a little bit of money on it...(How to Live in Paris on 1,000euro/month also coming in my blog later...)
I'll get new pillows and a comforter for the bed, did I mention that the pillows smell like dirty hair? Who's the question. I'll buy a little curtain or sheet to hang over the kitchen (after I clean it...again) and I'll cover up those missing tiles, I'll clean and recaulk around the kitchen sink, clean the TV and I'll buy a new bathroom rug along with a small matching rug to go over the stained living room carpet. I will take them all with me to my next "FABULOUS" apartment with parquet floors! Now I wonder, which should I buy first, the comforter or the rugs? They must coordinate...I'll figure it out next week.
I'll have to live with the walls and just look outside at the nice view and the wonderful sunshine, which almost makes up for the ickyness of it all. Sun shining in your windows in Paris is a rare find! The sunshine makes me happy!
I did buy two shiny new coffee mugs today (1.90 euro each...keep following for how to live in Paris on 1,000 euro/month) to enjoy my morning coffee. They make me smile because after all, this is my dream to be in Paris!
Brand New Coffee Mugs...waiting for tomorrow Morning's Coffee...
I'm going to go wash my hair now...becuase my apartment still makes me itch! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh you poor thing! My daughter and I managed to spend only €550 with food, admissions and souvenirs in a week... I'm quite confident you can do it on €1000! :D