Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Nice Sports Car...

This afternoon I went to meet a friend to pick up some I waited in the warm sunshine, I saw two good looking men getting out of their sports car convertible to go into the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) fast food restaurant.

They were casually dressed in blue jeans and flip flops...(I like a man wearing flip just seems so relaxed and casual). As they walked away from their convertible car, it seem to magically unfold the hardtop roof and place it perfectly on the top. I watched the complicated process appear so simple and within seconds, the car was no longer a convertible, but a solid hard top.

The men walked away, never looking back to see the car's completed configuration. I know, because I watched them as I watched their car....I thought to myself in the warm sunshine of Las Vegas, "Now that's the kind of man I'd like to share my life, relaxed and casual with a nice sports car....."

The Nice Sports Car

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